#04 LARGE - Picnic 741 Hz Healing Frequency - (maximum length 32")

#04 LARGE - Picnic 741 Hz Healing Frequency - (maximum length 32")

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741 Hz Healing Frequency
The Picnic Harmonic consists of 5x3/4" I.D. aluminum tubes tuned to 741 Hz, believed to be assist you in self-expression and problem solving. It can clean the cells from the toxins and electromagnetic radiation. Frequent use of 741 Hz leads to a healthier, simpler life, and also to changes in diet towards clean, whole foods. Another application of this sound frequency is solving problems of any nature. This frequency of the Solfeggio scale may also lead you into the power of self-expression which results in a pure and stable life.

If you wish to have a custom wind catcher created, there is a form on the CART page. Any attachments will need to come through email.

Choose between the Solar Powered Garden Light top plate option (No extra charge for the light, but no Topper can be installed) or regular top plate with the option for a Topper to be added.

Finished chimes are a maximum of 32" long from top to bottom.

Includes the FREE Neighbour Saver Clapper Wrap!

Add a Topper to fully customize your chime!
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Click here to listen to the 741 Hz Picnic Harmonic: